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About the competition

The international Trimo Research Awards for the best Diploma papers, Specialist dissertation, Master’s dissertations, and Doctoral theses, are developing close relationship ties between young and ambitious researchers, and their mentors, on one hand; and Trimo on the other.
Besides developing cooperation between Trimo and the universities, and increasing the recognition of the company with students and the expert public, one of the basic intentions of this award is to encourage transfer of information, knowledge, and ideas; between Trimo and the external knowledge centres that operate in areas of interest for Trimo, and encourage connecting the best prospective students with Trimo. 

Since 2001, when we opened the first Trimo Research Awards, over 400 awards have been distributed; and almost a quarter of the award-winners have cooperated with Trimo in various ways, even after the award-ceremony.

Call for application 2013

Trimo is revising the competition.
A renewed call for the application will be published on 9th April 2013.