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Legal notice

Our Trimo d.d. website (hereafter referred to as Trimo) has been designed to give general information about Trimo and its products and services.

Access to any area of the Trimo website means that all the restrictions and conditions stated here are accepted. If one does not agree to accept them, one is requested not to enter these pages. Visiting our website occasionally and re-checking the valid terms of conditions is recommended, since they are legally binding.

All the information and data available to Trimo website users are merely informative and there can be no legal consequences, except in those cases where this is explicitly stated.

All the information about the company and its products and services which are on the company’s website, does not constitute a formal offer of the products and services.

The official or formal information about the company, its products and services, and the company’s business, can be different from the information on the company’s website.

The policy of Trimo is to respect the valid rights related to intellectual property of third parties. All the information about products, which is available to a Trimo website user, merely represents general information about the existence of a certain product stated within the wide range of Trimo products.

Mentioning the product on the Trimo website doesn’t mean that Trimo actually sells and/or offers a certain product in the area which either interests a website user or from which one has access to the website. A visitor has to contact Trimo and/or its associated companies or branch offices to find out if Trimo actually markets or sells a product that is of interest to that user in the geographical area that interests that user.

Some information on the Trimo website contains general data about products. The purpose of this information is general presentation about products and the information contains only general data. None of the information about a certain product on a Trimo website is written for the purpose of giving professional advice or directions for the use of Trimo products unless otherwise specified.

With its comprehensive website Trimo has always done, and will do its best to make sure, that the published information is accurate and that data is up-to-date, yet Trimo does not accept responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the information. Trimo may at any time change the contents of this website in any way, regardless of the reason, and without giving previous notice. All the users read the published contents on their own account. Neither Trimo nor any other legal or natural person cooperating in the formation and making of this website cannot in any case be held responsible for any damage which would derive from, or would be connected with, the existence, access, use, and/or inability to use this website and/or the information on this website, or for any mistakes or imperfections in its contents.

The website also contains information about a third party and links to the website of a third party. Wherever this is, in our estimation, practical, it is suitably marked. Trimo, however, is not familiar with the contents of the information found on the websites of third parties and, therefore, it takes no responsibility for their information shown.

All the information and the images published on Trimo website are, within the framework permitted by law, subject to copyright protection or any other kind of intellectual property protection. The documents published on this website can only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes while retaining all the stated warnings regarding copyright protection or other rights. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate or distribute the documents for commercial purposes. Trademarks and brand names appearing on this site are either registered Trimo trademarks or Trimo has the right to use them.

Any visitor to the Trimo website can respond with any possible information, yet Trimo will not take responsibility related to it. Visitors are warned that in such cases this information will be considered as non-confidential and unprotected unless otherwise specified. In this way Trimo reserves the right to freely use, copy and reveal the information to others without any restrictions and without the necessity to indicate sources. Trimo reserves the right to also use ideas, concepts, knowledge, experience, or techniques which are either the subject of this information, or will be included in such information. Trimo will, according to its own discretion, use this information for any purpose.

Trimo reserves the right to change the contents of this website at any time and by whatever means, regardless of the reason and without previous warning. Trimo does not take responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Protection of Privacy

With this statement Trimo demonstrates its firm commitment to the protection of privacy. Our system of collecting and disseminating website information is described below.

Basic data is used for record-keeping of the completed e-forms on our website and for record-keeping of access to certain content on our website.  Visitors assume exclusive responsibility for credibility of personal data and contact information. Contact information is used to establish a connection with a visitor, whenever this is necessary. Personal data and contact information cannot be used for any other purposes and may not be disclosed to a third party.

Your IP-address could be used when determining problems with the server and when editing the website.

Some parts of the Trimo website sometimes deposit particular information, so-called “cookies”, into the visitor’s computer. Cookies, as well as some other methods of measuring website visits, provide information about the frequency of visits to specific pages on our website. This technology doesn’t collect personal data about an individual website visitor; such information is only kept in a joint form.  The purpose of this technology and the information provided is to improve our website and to store the contact information and personal data for the subsequent visits to our website.

Our website also contains links to other websites. Trimo takes no responsibility for protection of privacy and for the contents of these other websites.