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Award winners archive 2011

Aleks Jan
Name of award winnerAleks Jan
Title of paperEconomic analysis of the support environment for building photovoltaic power plants in Slovenia
Aleksandra Rakinić
Name of award winnerAleksandra Rakinić
Title of paperConceptual design of a literary park in the Ilirija swimming pool area - Tivoli park - Ljubljana
Aleš Popovič
Name of award winnerAleš Popovič
Title of paperAbsorbability of business intelligence systems
Alja Mihevc
Name of award winnerAlja Mihevc
Title of paperYoung managers' perceptions of the differences between generations in X and Y types of management
Andrej Žerovnik
Name of award winnerAndrej Žerovnik
Title of paperThe yield-point phenomenon in constitutive models of cyclic plasticy
Andrijano Zera
Name of award winnerAndrijano Zera
Title of paperWeb application for determination of EC8 behavioural factors and design spectra
Anja Molan
Name of award winnerAnja Molan
Title of paperEstablishing an emotional relationship between a brand and the consumer through socila networking sites and the internet
Anja Zupančič
Name of award winnerAnja Zupančič
Title of paperConceptual design of the cultural center in Trebnje
Barbara Kalar
Name of award winnerBarbara Kalar
Title of paperFamily business: developement and validation of three structural models
Bojan Tepavčević
Name of award winnerBojan Tepavčević
Title of paperInfluence of geometric representation of space on contemporary architecture
Boris Bogosavljević
Name of award winnerBoris Bogosavljević
Title of paperMachine museum
Darko Kovačič
Name of award winnerDarko Kovačič
Title of paperResistance of steel beams with web openings and castellated beams
Gregor Longar
Name of award winnerGregor Longar
Title of paperDifferent structural designs for single storey buildings
Gregor Novak
Name of award winnerGregor Novak
Title of paperConstruction project management analysis in Trimo, d.d.
Irena Orović
Name of award winnerIrena Orović
Title of paperHighly concentrated weather-frequency distributions and some aspects of change
Jaka Dujc
Name of award winnerJaka Dujc
Title of paperFinite element analysis of limit load and localized failure of structures
Jana Bolta
Name of award winnerJana Bolta
Title of paperMulti-tier clauses
Jerneja Čemažar
Name of award winnerJerneja Čemažar
Title of paperVoluntary employee resignations in a selected company, X, with an emphasis on reasons for voluntary resignations from the departing employees’ point of view
Jože Stepan
Name of award winnerJože Stepan
Title of paperEvaluation of methods for measuring the temperature of photovoltaic modules
Jurij Kurnik
Name of award winnerJurij Kurnik
Title of paperEnergy yield analysis of photovoltaic modules
Kaja Rangus
Name of award winnerKaja Rangus
Title of paperOpen innovation in Slovenia
Karmen Starič
Name of award winnerKarmen Starič
Title of paperA model of eliminating bottlenecks in the process of dyeing semi-manufactured products by simulation
Katja Pregl
Name of award winnerKatja Pregl
Title of paperCorruption as an obstacle to ethical international business
Lilijana Založnik
Name of award winnerLilijana Založnik
Title of paperLegal aspects of patent protection in Slovenia and in Europe
Luka Gerden
Name of award winnerLuka Gerden
Title of paperUrban and architectural proposal for an athletic sports hall in Ljubljana sports park
Maja Kreslin
Name of award winnerMaja Kreslin
Title of paperInfluence of higher modes in non-linear seismic analysis of building structures
Marko Omerzu
Name of award winnerMarko Omerzu
Title of paperSynchronous control of two asynchronous motors with rotor cage
Marko Sedlaček
Name of award winnerMarko Sedlaček
Title of paperInfluence of surface topography on tribological behaviour of contact surfaces
Marko Zebec Koren
Name of award winnerMarko Zebec Koren
Title of paperModels for outsourcing work to external contractors in IT
Martina Maček
Name of award winnerMartina Maček
Title of paperThe effect of investments in education on organizational efficiency: case study
Name of award winnerMatej Černe
Title of paperThe model of authentic leadership: an empirical check
Name of award winnerMateja Šušteršič Dimic
Title of paperManaging design R&D processes in interdisciplinary teams
Matjaž Cvek
Name of award winnerMatjaž Cvek
Title of paperOptimization of the optical properties of one-dimensional regular periodic structures in thin-film silicon solar cells
Metod Bonča
Name of award winnerMetod Bonča
Title of paperSeismic risk assessment for selected steel buildings
Mirela Šahinović
Name of award winnerMirela Šahinović
Title of paperProject of a steel structure of a large range hall
Monika Lovše
Name of award winnerMonika Lovše
Title of paperMedical equipment, orthosis for curing scuilosis
Mrinal Chakraborty
Name of award winnerMrinal Chakraborty
Title of paperPerformance management
Natalija Hromec
Name of award winnerNatalija Hromec
Title of paperSelection of a bussines intelligence tool provider
Nataša Medved
Name of award winnerNataša Medved
Title of paperEnpowerment of employees as a motivational construct: comparison of two companies
Neža Perger
Name of award winnerNeža Perger
Title of paperConcept of city pavillion
Nikola Vukašinović
Name of award winnerNikola Vukašinović
Title of paperInfluence factors for laser triangulation measurements of shape
Olga Bombač
Name of award winnerOlga Bombač
Title of paperDraft design of student housing in Nova Gorica
Peter Zupančič
Name of award winnerPeter Zupančič
Title of paperA composite steel and concrete railway bridge design project
Rok Škrinjar
Name of award winnerRok Škrinjar
Title of paperBusiness process re-design and informatization as a means for increasing business process orientation
Saša Košec
Name of award winnerSaša Košec
Title of paperBrand influence on the success of Slovene companies vin foreign markets
Sašo Šonc
Name of award winnerSašo Šonc
Title of paperMastering the process of building panels
Simon Vrhovec
Name of award winnerSimon Vrhovec
Title of paperResistance to governance in I.T. projects
Slavko Milanovic
Name of award winnerSlavko Milanovic
Title of paperEFTE technology analysis: case study of a sport arena's envelope
Smiljana Zajec
Name of award winnerSmiljana Zajec
Title of paperThe transfer of best quality management practices in higher education: a case from the Faculty of Economics, the University of Ljubljana
Tomaž Slak
Name of award winnerTomaž Slak
Title of paperCharacteristics, evaluation, and potential of earthquake architecture
Urszula Anna Stefaniuk
Name of award winnerUrszula Anna Stefaniuk
Title of paperFashion museum in Tokyo, Japan
Valentin Koblar
Name of award winnerValentin Koblar
Title of paperAssessing the quality of graphite semi-products using computer vision and machine learning
Vesna Ogriz
Name of award winnerVesna Ogriz
Title of paperThe relationship between innovation and organizational performance in small and medium-sized enterprises